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So do we need a writing group? How to answer that question. Perhaps you are one of those lucky people who get all the inspiration you need just by sitting in front of a keyboard. Maybe you don’t need the encouragement of others you get along fine by your lonesome. Is it possible that what you write is so clean, free of errors in spelling, grammar and the awkward phrasing that you don’t need critique?

Then indeed you are lucky but not me I don’t need some of the above I need all of the above. Where does one find it, a group, sometimes you need to embark on a voyage of discovery. Especially if like me you have moved often.

Here are a few clues, places where I found like-minded writers who shared this need. In a writing or literature class, the library, the local coffee shop, book stores, writing workshops or conferences, I think I found people who had a group I could join or were ready to form a group in all these places.

Members of my groups have been diverse. I have been a member with writers who had PHD’s, elementary teachers, secretaries, social workers, hairdressers, even a nun. Can a group be too diverse? I think not the more diversity the better. From each you will get different perspectives and benefits.

I want to address something else as well that Whack on the Side of the Head. It may be a book by Roger von Oech but what he espouses in it, challenging yourself to be creative and seeing things from a different point of view, is what you diverse group can do for you.

Next time I will explore the people who helped me in the groups I joined.