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Last week I diverged from my talk about diversity being important to a writing group. This week I want to get back to it. I don’t think I sought diversity I think I welcomed it and it found me.

This was embedded in my psyche when I moved from Tulsa, OK to a smaller community in New Mexico. Suddenly my choices were drastically reduced and I was leaving a wonderfully diverse group behind. Finding people who shared my love of writing was a quest. I needed a group, I needed inspiration, I needed encouragement, I needed critique.

How was I to embark on this quest. I read the local paper for groups meeting but when I found nothing that met my needs I decided to take a creative writing class. I enjoyed the class my instructor was oft published poet and she helped me craft one poem into a gem. The best jewel though was I made a friend who was interested in forming a group as I was.

One day we attended a writing workshop and were drawn to one of the other attendees who asked some insightful questions and made some remarkable comments. We talked to her and asked her to join us.
She was about to become a nun.

Diversity had found us soon we became Leftover Whine. A nun, a doctor, an artist, a nurse practitioner, a small business owner, a practitioner of Reiki
Had I sought these women no yet they found me. W- women, h- helping, I – inspiring, n – nourishing and e – encouraging