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Does your writing group have a website? In the second year of our group’s existence two of our members were adamant about having a website. I’ll be honest I was skeptical but since one of the two was a founder of our group I acquiesced and writeontheedgeyuma.com began.

Time passed and the two who originally pushed for the website moved on and away and the website stalled. Then last year we were told the manager of our site would no longer be hosting websites. Now we had a dilemma abandon it or seek another host. Thanks to new membership and in particular a young person with wondrous tech skills we decided to forge ahead.

Thus writeontheedgeyuma.com was born. The site is still in its infancy, but we’ve built a better site and with time it will evolve into something verb better. I believe that and I plan to be part of it.

With the updated version we now feature our published authors with a photo of them and their book as well as contact info to interact with them or purchase their books. We have a poetry site with members’ poems on display, a list of members with their designation as year round residents, winter writers and distance members. We also started posting a prompt result from our weekly exercise picking one or two members responses.

Do we have more to do? Yes. We need to work on pages and upgrade news of the group on a more regular basis but that will come.

We have found that people looking for a group have found us there. I guess I should emphasize the most important information on the site: where we meet, when we meet and what our discussion for the week will be.

So take a minute and visit us at writeontheedgeyuma.com. Oh if you are a group with a website, Facebook page we would like to hear from you and put a link to your writing group on our website.