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You’ve taken up residence in a new city. You’ve tried all the normal routes: bookstores, coffee shops, the library, asked neighbors. However, you haven’t found a group.

That was my experience when I moved to Yuma. I finally saw a posting for a group on the far side of town. I made my way to an older RV park. A small group met but after two sessions I knew these weren’t serious about writing for publication. I went to one more meeting.

I was so happy for doing that, because a person I hadn’t met yet came that day. Her name was Jeanne and she had self-published a book and was working on another. We spent an hour after the session ended visiting. Once we knew we both lived on the other side of town we decided to meet and talk about forming our own group.

After much discussion we made up flyers and distributed them to bookstores and the many RV parks on the east side of town. Yuma being a destination for winter visitors we wanted to welcome any writers that spent winter in Yuma.

At first we met in my home and the group was small. When Jeanne’s friend at the newspaper did an article about us we welcomed many more writers. Temporarily we moved our meetings to an assisted living center until a new branch library opened then we moved to it.

The first summer only three of us met as many of our new members were winter visitors. But now we have eight year round members and in the winter as many as twenty. We have members from Alberta, British Columbia, Montana, Idaho, Wisconsin and the gypsy RV’ers with no permanent address but who spend time in Yuma every winter.

Our membership has continued to grow especially since we became a library program and now our meeting time is on their calendar. Also people find our website where we post our meeting place, day and time as well as our upcoming programs.

That’s how we did it. Perhaps these are ideas you can use.