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Is it impossible to add up the benefits your writing group provides. They can give everything from support and inspiration to hands on editing.
Today was a perfect example of what can happen in a dynamic discussion. Our topic was how to motivate your characters. Knowing there are only four types of characters and that all will or can fit into the basic archetypes then the next step is how do we motivate any one of them?

The answer and it was a revelation to me. Not what motivated them but the importance of knowing that about your characters before you develop them fully. So what motivates a character FRUSTATION. Okay I know that. not only must we know what frustrates them but how do they react when frustrated. A writer needs to know that too. Is your character going to blame someone, drink, sink into depression or something else? Whatever his or her reaction knowing that ahead of time will help as your character evolves.

Archetypes played a big part in our discussion today. We talked about the various ones that have existed since man first started telling stories. The hero, heroine, villain, sidekick, guardian, skeptic. If we examine literature, be it as involved as The Lord of the Rings or the less complicated Snow White all contain many of these archetypes.

So the object of this lesson every meeting I learn something that can help me improve my writing.