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This past week I felt support but I wished they could offer more.

When it comes down to tough slog you have to do it alone. This week was my difficult one. Getting my book formatted so I could finally get it on the market. I think that is done and soon Woman of the Heartland will be available. Next week I should be telling you how to find it.

In the interim I am certain my group is there standing behind me, cheering me on.

I’ve been grateful for a member who lent help with a formatting issue that assisted me in finishing.

You also know when my book is published they’ll be standing in line to purchase it. They’ll recommend it to their family and friends. They’ll write reviews for me and cheer when I do well or commiserate with me if things don’t go well.

And when I start work on my next book they’ll be there again to provide inspiration, critique and moral support.