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clip_image002Woman of the Heartland

Here it is after 10 years of sitting at the computer typing, editing, re-editing, formatting my book is finally on the market. Yes, it’s self-published but as one of my writing group members relayed “do you want your book out there or do you want it at the bottom of someone’s slush pile.”
I don’t want mine lost in that morass that’s a slush pile. I may be competing with thousands of others in the self-published marketplace but if only a few see it and buy it I will have succeeded.

I will have created words that are a memorial to my mother. Some might ask what was special about her. We’ve never heard of her. She’s not famous. She wasn’t. Except to her eight children , her mother-in-law who came to live near after my grandfather died, to the young foster girl she took in, to the Vietnamese family who came to live in the little house that had been my grandmother’s, to her friends she lent her time, to Rosie a mentally challenged girl she visited at the home where Rosie lived, and her sixteen grandchildren who she loved unequivocally.

Maybe the rest of the world won’t care about her story but these people will and I’m happy to tell it to save it for her granddaughters, granddaughters, granddaughters. May she live on in my words as she does in my heart.
I thank my writing group for spurring me on to finish this project.

My book available at link below and at Amazon