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It easy when you say the word writing to think it’s just about writing the next best seller. If you want to embrace all writers and writing you need to be open to all forms.

One way our group does this is to celebrate National Poetry Month. So each April we find a way to expand our horizons. We’ve written sestinas, looked at haiku, used our prompts as inspiration.

This year to celebrate poetry we wrote either a nonet or a cinquan or both we used either one of three phrases or these words. The results were amazing and most participated. So we decided to post them to our website, writeontheedgeyuma.com. if you enjoy poetry pay the website a visit.

So if you have a group or are starting one be open to all styles of writing. Never think you have to be specialized or that a sci-fi writer can’t critique romance. It about the writing and how well it’s done not the subject matter.