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I was searching for a topic for an upcoming blog post and went searching writing groups on the web. Like with most sites if you want to participate you have to enroll and that usually stops me especially when there’s little other information to be had.

As I perused one site I came upon classes. I decided to see what was offered. Wow look!!!! Did I get sticker shock. Most of the offerings had a cost over $300.00 associated with them. It’s hard to justify spending that much if you are a struggling author just trying to get your stories out there.
There are so many cheaper ways to improve your writing. One of my top ones find a local writing group.

Subscribe to “Writer’s Digest” you can do that for under $25.00 for the print edition and less than half that for the digital version. You’ll learn something every issue that will help in your writing life.

You can buy a lot of books on writing for $300.00 and with the e-readers there are some good digital ones for free.

If I were going to recommend a class I’d say check out the closest Community College. They all have at least one creative writing class and often several with different subject matter: poetry, the novel, short stories, life stories, etc. Interacting with an instructor and other aspiring writers is a great place to learn.

I have nothing against those classes online. Just put your hard earned dollars to the best use.