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So do you have groups within your writing group? In the past few days our inveterate techy suggested we form a private group on Facebook where we could discuss subject matter we didn’t get to fully explore during our two hour meeting

So she did just that. It is not only a place where those of us that were at the meeting can continue talking about, but because we are a community that hosts winter visitors from the northern climes of the USA and from Canada they can take part in the discussion as well. Of course if they aren’t on Facebook…

Immediately after she set it up we had input from a member in town who has been unable to make many meetings let us know he was out there. A member in Idaho also commented. Once I let the membership know by e-mail we should see more discussion.

So what will we discuss topics from our meetings we want to know more about, articles we are reading in the Writer’s Digest, maybe a book on writing, something a famous author has said or his latest book.

We can post documents we want to share or maybe a pithy quote about writing. What we do is up to the group but it’s another way to stay in touch and share ideas.

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