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I was a reading an article on creativity the other day it has stimulated me to do a series on creativity. Knowing that creativity is important to every writer and is something our group both needs and can instill in us.
When I read the article I wanted to share what this writer had to say at least in part. So I will

” Have something you can note ideas down in seconds

We have all had those moments where we are walking, thinking about nothing in particular and all of a sudden a great idea or realization comes into your awareness. Making a note of the idea is a must but you say when you get home you’ll make a note of this epic brain wave. You get home and after Facebook has been updated, You tube has been viewed and your cat has been fed suddenly you haven’t got a clue what that big realization was! The truth is you have a window where you will remember your big ideas before there is a danger that your brain is required to focus on something else.

By getting into the habit of taking a notepad everywhere or having a note taking app on your phone you have a place to quickly note down the idea for you to go back to when it is convenient.

Don’t always rely on verbalizing it initially

I was speaking with a friend who is a great problem solver. He mentioned that he has ideas all day and sometimes he can’t even put words to an idea so he has to draw something that represents what he is thinking. Research shows that when people have these great ‘ah ha’ eureka moments the area of the right hemisphere sparks up on a brain scanner. The right hemisphere is more associated with lateral thinking but verbal literal language is more associated to the left hemisphere. As a result for some ideas, you may be able to visualise something (think Einsteins riding over a sunbeam on edge of universe) but not put words to it. For that just draw something so you can build on it rather than it get littered by your attempts to vocalize it.” Aaron Morton

The article also reminded me that at a workshop or conference in the past the importance of doing this was discussed and someone commented that Stanley Kunitz (our USA Poet Laureate from 1974-1976, he died in 2005 at the age of 100) was known for doing this he always carried a notepad or pieces of paper with him and would write down words or thoughts on them and stuff them in his pocket. Someone even opined that he just wrote the words down in whatever order he found them and that became a poem.

An Old Cracked Tune

by Stanley Kunitz

My name is Solomon Levi,

the desert is my home,

my mother’s breast was thorny,

and father I had none.

The sands whispered, Be separate,

the stones taught me, Be hard.

I dance, for the joy of surviving,

on the edge of the road.

I quote this poem of his so you can make your own decision as to his methods. Whatever you decide the importance of making a note wherever a thought, idea or even a word strikes you can’t be stressed enough.