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The open road is a great source of inspiration. I say this as I travel across Colorado and New Mexico.

We  discussed it in our group.
It must be the freedom of no household chores or other activities that unleashes the muse.

I wonder if that was what Jack Kerouac felt when he wrote”on the Road” I can’t say I found his book that impressive but I can share the feeling the road gives.
Once on a trip from Farmington, NM to Yuma, AZ my husband and I outlined a novel. Last November I got it mostly written during NaNoWriMo.
A few weeks ago on a short trip the dust devils inspired the beginning of a new poem. Sometimes a sign like”don’t pick up hitch-hikers. Correctional facility.” Can bring on a haiku. For example:

Hitchhikers may be escaped convicts

Don’t stop to offer tea and biscuits.


What might that yellow line extending down the middle of the right hand lane cause?
The open road is awash with material don’t ignore it. Use it.