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Today finds me searching for where to find inspiration. It seems I’ve covered so many possibilities I’m having trouble this week.

However, a member of my writing group one of what I dub our distance members. At least he’s at a distance for the summer. Come this winter he’ll be back and then I’ll call him a winter writer. He is one of those from the northwestern US and Canada who flock here in the winter to enjoy the benefits of our wonderful weather.

I keep in touch with all of them that wish to be in touch by keeping them in our e-mail group. This past week Bob e-mailed me. He said: “ Yes, we are listening! :~).  As always I enjoy getting your updates and I have a favor to ask.  Would it be possible to include the weeks “Prompt” in your email.  I found them a great memory stimulator and writing motivator.

Along that same line I have formed a “writing friendship” with a lady in British Columbia and we swap prompts week to week.  She is an excellent writer but has never done anything like this and has a lot of fun with it.  We email the prompt ideas to each other with the admonishment “10 minute rule!”.  That means that once you open the email and see the prompt you have only 10 minutes to finish it.  Perhaps you could share your prompts with us winter visitors in a similar fashion.

So after our regular meeting on Tuesday I sent out the prompt.I hope he will send what he wrote to me and others of our distance writers will also respond.
Here it is another place that provides us with a way to be stimulated, to find words, to be inspired.