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A few weeks ago I started writing about where I find inspiration. I mentioned how being on the road inspired me and how my writing group did that for me. We all talk about finding our muse in a sunset or the view of the Grand canyon or afield of flowers. Today some others things whacked me in the side of the head.

As I watched CBS’ s Sunday Morning they showed a piece on tree houses. The sight of those structures in the trees took me back to my childhood when I loved to climb trees. How climbing from branch to branch until I was as high as I could go and looking out at the world seeing it differently. Inspired me with the thought that I might write a poem or essay about the joy of climbing trees.

As I read one of my favorite magazines the Sun a line from a personal essay by C.J.Gall “Perhaps its’ true that God knows the hour and the day of your death. I can’t say. But I tend to think that God if he exists at all, doesn’t care.” got me thinking about death and God. The statement awakened a plethora of possibilities for writing.

Driving home from the grocery store we had the music of Train playing and the song was “ 50 Ways to Say Goodbye “awakened many of the same emotions.  I’m a fan of Philip Phillips and his Gone, gone, gone” with the line”I’ll love you long after your gone, gone, gone.” Makes me want too explore that kind of love and what it means for both the dead and the living.

I have to admit that there are things in our modern culture that inspire me. Maybe all of you out there knew that but maybe it’s good to be reminded that even television, print media and popular music can inspire us.