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I had a recent reminder of just how important my current writing group is. I have talked about the many places and ways to start your writing group. I don’t think I’ve ever detailed exactly how my current writing group for started.
It was 2006, June and we moved from Farmington, NM to Yuma,AZ. As it always is  in the summer it was hot. I didn’t get out but I was missing my writing group. I’d been in two in Farmington. I asked around at all the places I thought might know of one. Bookstores, library and the college nothing. I finally came across a notification of a group in the paper and managed to find my way to a mobile home park on the other side of town.

It was a small group. After two meetings I realized this group want serious about writing it was just an activity to fill their time during the uneventful summer. I decided not to continue after the next meeting.
I will always be happy for that meeting because a new person showed up. Jeanne. During the break she and I struck up a conversation.She had self-published a book. She desired a serious group as much as I did. We both lived on the other side of town and made plans for a group and did our best to promote it.
Jeanne moved away three years ago when her husband became ill. I have missed her firm hand, support and inspiration. After her husband died communication with her ground to a halt. I kept her on our e-mail group and this past week heard from her. We sent notes back and forth and agreed to Skype.

How great to see her face and hear her voice. She’s back as an active part of my writing life. We will Skype often now and I look forward to what she thinks about the book I’ve self-published.