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Do you have a muse? A real or imaginary being that provides you with inspiration. The Romans or a least one Roman named nine: Calliope -epic poetry; Clio -history; Euterpe -flutes and lyric poetry; Thalia -comedy and pastoral poetry; Melpomene -tragedy; Terpsichore -dance; Erato -love poetry; Polyhymnia -sacred poetry; Urania -astronomy.

These nine were purported to support the arts, literature and music. The Romans did some significant things in these so they must have done there job.

How about yours? Mine seems to have deserted me. I don’t know if she’s on vacation or just hiding out somewhere in a whorl of my brain. She’s done it before hidden from me I found her curled up in the fetal position crying her eyes out.She was upset with a piece I wrote.She implied it was a over with  such a piece of dross and she didn’t want to be connected with it. I had to promise I’d burn it. I did at least metaphorically.She forgave me and came back.

I’ve called her over and over again with no response. I wonder if she’s ignoring me or is she so far away she can’t hear me.I’m getting desperate. What next? Do i send her a telegram but no telegrams are passe. She hates passe almost as much as she detests trite and cliche.  What have Idone? Is it the epic poem on bedbugs Ijust finished.

I wonder if she took her cell phone. Maybe I’ll  try it? Maybe she’ll answer? Persephone, Persephone, pick up!