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So we started our October presentations. I prepared a brief character bio sheet and we used our prompt time to fill them out. Then we shared.

Some described actual people in their lives and there were those who wanted to use some of them in their writing. Some came up with new characters and some told of a character they were already using.

For myself I thought of using my protagonist whom I’d already done a character study on. Then I decided I should explore another character. So I filled out the bio sheet and when it was my turn I shared it with the group.

Now just the exercise of filling out the sheet was good in helping developing this character but after I shared it with the group and they asked me questions about the character. My mind started pondering what is this character all about? It continued for a few days. My mind was working even in bed at night I thought about her. I expanded on her and it got me thinking about some of my others. Yes it’s great to have a group and they inspire me and keep me going. I eagerly await the start of NaNoWriMo.