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I hoped to start the new year with a bang and get back to sharing my thoughts about the benefits of a writing group. Family happenings and NaNoWriMo interrupted my ability to blog. I felt happy to reblog some of A Writer Inspired’s posts.She touches on subject matter relevant to writers. So a big thanks to Shelina and you will see more of her on my site.

My group is starting its eighth year and I sometimes struggle to keep things fresh and vital for them. Although we have a core that’s long term and supportive we have new people joining us all the time. How to strike a balance between giving new members basic information and providing long term members with expanded knowledge. Although for most going over material we’ve already covered is mostly welcomed as new insights and a refresher never hurts.

With some new members that are involved in interesting writing projects or who’s specialty is unusual having them share with us should provide some interesting presentations.

Looking at technical things will be an integral part of our year. There seems we always have more to learn about how to best utilize the many programs and apps available to us.

The Writers Digest also is useful to fuel discussions on the articles which seem the most helpful to us.

So with 2014 at a start I hope to meet many of my writing goals. One is to post on a regular basis on my blog. Because I think a vibrant writers group is one of a writer’s greatest needs and/or assets.