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Taken at the Motley Flea Market

       Motley Musings

 I’ve neglected my blog for much too long, however I haven’t neglected my writing group. The group is still going strong. I do find it a struggle at Times to bring information that is new. Keeping things fresh is a challenge.

It’s summer and our groups size swings up and down during the heat of the desert. Where we are located plays a big part in this. We have a much larger group in the winter months when snow birds swarm the sunny regions of the south and Yuma is one. We do have a good sized group here year round but even then numbers fluctuates as members escape the heat for a week or more. I was away for close to three weeks doing book signings in my birth state, Minnesota. (More on that in a later blog.)

It was great to get my second book Woman of the Heartland: The War Years published. It is out on Amazon now and is available on Kindle also. Most who read my first book have also read the second. Now I have done my author edits on a novel and it is out being critiqued by others.

The group has been busy. Two of us did an e-book presentation at the Main library last month and have one scheduled for October for the Foothills Branch. The group also has a presentation and signing scheduled in December. Several members are working on getting books published.

So starting the eighth year the group is still vibrant. Check us out on our website writeontheedgeyuma.com to see the fun we’ve been having with our prompts this summer.