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It’s amazing how one gets so wrapped up in a project that everything else gets put on hold. It’s what has happened to my blog entries. While I struggled to format my latest book, my first work of fiction, I neglected to do write for it. I’m excited about the book. It title is Lost in the Nowhere and it is Bangsian Fantasy. Wondering what that is? Here goes. It’s a story which is set either partially or wholly in the afterlife. The name comes from a nineteenth century author who wrote several books in which he used well known characters from history or mythology. Apparently he did this in a humorous way. Some other well-known books that fit in this genre are Dante’s Inferno by Dante Alighieri, God Bless You Dr. Kervorkian by Kurt Vonnegut, What Dreams May Come by Richard Matheson, and more current The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I think we’d could all come up with TV shows and movies that qualify as Bangsian Fantasy too.

When I told my writing group my book fit in this genre they were overwhelmed, underwhelmed, dazed and confused. So I made mention in my book of the genre and why it is so categorized. Writing groups are a great help to an author here was just one example helping me to make choices that will explain my book to future readers. It wasn’t one of the only ways I was helped one of the group read and critiqued it providing me with valuable insights into some changes. Small changes but valid ones.

So the book is written. The formatting is done, after numerous failings followed by changes to get it right. Cover, I love my cover, is done and now a proof copy is on the way to me for the last look for errors in spelling, spacing and formatting. As usual I’ve learned a lot through the process I only hope I can retain it for the next book.