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Two weeks from tomorrow National Novel Writing Month kicks off. Our writing group spent our last meeting talking about it. What it means? How to sign up? What are the benefits?

We also threw out challenges to members who have done it before and those who have not? It is good to have a group to support you when you make the commitment and take on the challenge of writing 50,000 words in the month of November, that’s 1667 words per day.

Writer’s Digest devoted much of the November/December issue to the “Write-a-Thon” There was much helpful information from previous participants in the article. One theme we always see in instructions on this project is not to worry about spelling, grammar, the right word or reference just getting words on paper. One segment titled “Do What It Takes To Make It Feel Real, Fill the Sandbox, Then Make Castles really resonated with the group.

I hope after this conversation we all put away our inner editor until December 1 when we can let him out of his cell or box.

I plan on reading Chris Baty’s book No Plot? No Problem! A Low-Stres, High Velocity Guide to Writing a Novel in 30 Days. What Baty has to say always gets me hyped up and ready to put my fingers on the key-board on November 1 and if need be wear them to nubs by the end of the month.

If you’re planning on meeting the challenge I suggest you read Baty’s book and reading the Nov/Dec Writer’s Digest both will give you grist to grind in the mill.

Remember there is nothing wrong with planning in the weeks preceding Nov. 1 you can develop characters, plan your setting, make an outline, write random ideas on scraps of paper to be perused in the days of November.

If you’ve got a writing group draw inspiration, encouragement and even help as you write that magic 1667 words a day.