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I haven’t posted for sometime and I keep telling myself I need too. Last night I laid in bed thinking about topics I could expound on and wonders of wonders some even occurred to me.

At our regular Tuesday meeting we were looking at practical points of self-editing when I was searching for material to share I came across a site that looks great. http://changeitupediting.com. The person who runs the site  Candace Johnson present herself on the site this way: Welcome to Change It Up Editing and Writing Services! I’m Candace Johnson, the entire team at Change It Up Editing and Writing Services. Yes, I believe in personal attention for my authors, and if you read the comments on the Testimonials page, I believe you’ll get a good sense of just how important that personal interaction is to me as well as to the success of every project I edit.

If you need some editing help check her site out.

I also came across www.dictionary.com which is a good place to go for word definitions. You can sign up for the word of the day and you’ll get some interesting ones.

Another favorite sight for finding that elusive synonym is wordweb.com. I use it constantly when I’m writing.

Some of the other things we’ve share this year are what I call cheat sheets like this one. They have been really helpful when editing my writing and others in the group agree.other ways to say  ran, walked etc.

Another helpful aid is this one showing all the possibilities for blue eyes. It’s quite amazing what a writing group can do to help you in writing. This is just a little of what our group has done.

blue Eyes