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I am happy with my writing group. I think, especially for the new writer and aspiring author it is a necessity. Of course, like any group sometimes finding the right one, takes some investigating. It also is tied to a writer’s need.

Some writing groups are specialized they may want only writers of a certain genre maybe mystery or romance, some want only published authors, some just do critique or there are those like our group who are generalized. We welcome those new to writing or published authors.

Being generalized means no matter what one is writing from poetry to paranormal romance they may join us.

Our meetings have a process. We share any news about our writing or publishing and the writing and publishing industry. We then spend ten minutes writing from a prompt then share what we’ve written. Following that we have a presentation about something in the writing or publishing industry or maybe a technology segment if we need help with our writing programs or how to use Facebook or other social media sites. We reserve the last thirty minutes for critique. Any one person may submit two to three pages for critique by the entire group.

We do offer critique and editing on a wider basis. Within the group any writer may ask other members to critique all or part of a piece they have written. I have critiqued poems, magazine articles and entire books for those in my group.

I am contemplating a slight change in my blog. I feel I’ve emphasized the importance of having a writing group, how to find or start one and what a group can do for you. Going forward I plan on reporting what my group Write On The Edge does each week. What individual members have accomplished what our prompt of the week was and I will include my favorite in the blog.