In my last post I promised to tell you what my group was doing Here you go . . .

This week we went back to a summer practice and did a Pick 6. A Pick 6 prompt involves three sets of six. I have three members shake the dice to get a pick. This week these our choices after the dice rolls. My group finds this a fun way to respond to a prompt and I include a response from one of our members. After we share our responses one or more are selected to be posted on our website: Go there for more from this prompt.

You are tending to your own business when a

Dice roll one- was 4, the Loch Ness monster

it stops you. This unproven being asks

Dice roll two – was 5, if you can help it find a lost glorg

You have no clue what the being wants, so you counter with:

Dice roll three – was 6, leading it to the nearest police officer

Now show the encounter”

A thunderous roar pierced the

air. The earth opened up in a

yawning chasm. Shuddering into

my ear. the noise exploded:


A slimy, fur encrusted paw

grasped my arm. Terrified,

I tugged on the creature,

crawling toward the surprisingly

comforting blue light of a police cruiser

By Jeannie Browning


After the prompt we went to the latest Writer’s Digest issue: March/April 2015 for a closer look and discussion on some of the articles in it. We appreciated the short article “Story Booster :Know Your Antagonist”. It showed a great list of nasty antagonists from books we recognized.

We then had lively give and take about the article “Straight up Nonfiction With a Twist” a big focus was the one about using scene and dialogue. I addressed one of our members who is writing a nonfiction book and asked if it was his intention to use some stories from his years as a purchasing agent. We plans too and having read some of his anecdotes I know they will bring smiles, chuckles and even guffaws as he relates his with humor.

We ended our session with a critique of something a member is working on. He felt happy with the suggestions. The most heated area came about when the two spaces after a period came up. Some are still fighting it.