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I have neglected this site for sometime and as I contemplated what subject matter I could address that would be new I took a look at what our group has done and decided they are daring.

By this I mean they are willing to put their work out for the world to read or not. I know how much work it is to get your book edited and formatted for publication. Since most of our group has undertaken to do this and then used Createspace for their print books and KDP or D2D for their e-books.

Doing the book all on your own with the help of metareaders and your group for editing is time consuming. However, if you are patient and willing to spend the time you can self-publish without spending a penny. Only when you are ready to order print copies to sell must you expend money. Then the cost is reasonable and you can make a nice profit for yourself. Even if you sell on Amazon you get a return better than most authors with major publishers and for E-books the return is even better.

The major thing here is that the writer’s in my group who have self-published are brave, daring, creative and wish to share their stories with the world.