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Cooper mixes historical times (early Rome and 1500 England) with current actions in Rome and involving the Vatican.

Elisabetta now a nun, whose fiancé was killed years earlier by unknown assailants, causing her to make the choice of entering the convent is called back to her field of Archeology. The present pope is ill and dying and a conspiracy by a mysterious group called the Lemures is undermining the sanctity of the church. A graduate in archeology Elisabetta is devastated as a graduate student when her proposal to examine the catacombs of St. Callixtus is rejected.

Now her professor has called her back to come back an investigate the St. Callixtus catacombs which has been the site she was investigating as a student,

Now they’ve found remains a group of men, women and children all with tails and it seems they were victims of a fire in pre-Christian times, Who are they? What are they? Before she can look into them she is again dismissed from the project. Then the professor is killed and a young priest who comes with her with more information is also killed and the Sister and her sister are kidnapped,

Set against the background of the Vatican and the election of a new pope, The story takes more twists and turns as a bomb goes off at the start of the Conclave and only the intervention of a young Gendarme who is Elisbetta’s brother prevents the death of all the cardinals but the story ends with mystery as to the outcome of the new pope’s elections.

Fans of Dan Brown’s De Vince Code, or maybe more in comparison to his Angels and Demons,will like this book.