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This is the fourth of Adler-Olsen’s books I’ve read and I can’t wait to read the next. I need to know more about Assad and Rose. Carl Morck too. <br>In this book Department Q the solver of cold cases is looking into the disappearance on a woman only to find four other people went missing at the same time. However, when the identify whom they think is a suspect they are caught up in a group The Purity Party who doesn’t want their past actions known. <br>As Morck, Assad and Rose work to find what happened to the missing persons they become the target of this group. Assad and Morck nearly come to the end of their lives and only a cigarette lighter saves them and exposes the group’s nefarious actions.<br>The story fluctuates between three times the early 1950’s, 1987 and 2010. <br><br>
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