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It has been over six months since I posted to my blog and I’m sorry I have neglected it. Does it mean I’ve given up on my writing group? No Way! They are more important to me now than they were six months ago. Has the group dwindled? Nope, it has more members all the time. Are long-term members losing interest? That hasn’t happened either. We have members that were there at the beginning and many who have been members three years or more. We have Winter Writers who have been coming back for several years. They seem happy to join us for the months they are here be it one month, two months, three months or more. We have lost members but most of those are because of moving away from the area and even though they are gone we stay in contact with e-mail and on Facebook. No my group is just fine.

I have a plan for my blog. I will inform you of all the things we have been doing and I will introduce to our members and their books. Yep! I said books. We have a significant number of our members who bit the bullet and published. Most are self-published but that isn’t a bad thing and it isn’t an easy thing. Once the creative part is over the work begins, editing and then formatting you book so it can be printed. Are we getting rich with our books? No. But we love to write and we will share with the reading public.

So I have plans and much to share about the group, about the group’s successes, about the group’s activities and about what we do within the group to keep it vibrant.