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My 2015 accomplishment was the publishing of my book of poetry Life Flights. It includes a variety of poetry everything from three-line Haiku to the 973 word “Buried With Her Boots On” which was actually inspired by a story a friend and custom boot maker told me of a woman who was buried with her boots on.

This three line senryu:

ten past ten my son

time to put away youthful toys

welcome manhood’s joys


Written thirty years ago for my then twenty-year-old son who just turned fifty. Is one of the ninety poems in the book.

What inspires me you may ask? If you read the book you will know. Here’s a hint places I’ve lived, people in my life and the challenge of writing in form. Until I took a creative writing class Id’ never heard of a pantoum and a friend turned me on to the sestina.  You may not recognize each form I included but you will know those I tried when you read them.

Life Flights is available at Amazon as both a POD book or an e-book.

And my son he’s a father now of a pair of six-year-old twins and a two-year-old. He’s definitely taken on the joys of manhood, but he still finds time for a bike ride one of the joys or toys of his youth.