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A friend once wrote about me that I am an avid reader. Which I am. She also said my writing interests vary. I was at the time at work on what she called a faction novel, I call it creative non-fiction. It is my mother’s story through a long and interesting life. I also was working on a paranormal novel about a man recently departed who doesn’t realize he had passed on.

She also said I was passionate about poetry and had won contests and enjoyed seeing my poems published.

All she said was true but the story continues. I am currently working on getting the first volume of my mother’s story published and have a second volume written but not edited. I now have two paranormals in progress, ideas for two more and have a quirky story based on the odd things we often see in the news.

I’m still passionate about poetry but haven’t written much recently. I have won some awards and had more pieces published.

The friend that wrote about me was a member of my writing group and I still value what she taught me about writing and how supportive she was of me. Thank you Linda Crockett.


1 thought on “About Me”

  1. Chris, I am stopping by to say Hi! I met you at the Tucson Book festival and bought your book, Rural Upbringing. I was the one that commented, “I hated my Mother.” Those words were overly strong, but we did have a strained relationship for many reasons. My Mom passed away in 2003 and was loved and respected by many people. I hope by reading your books I will gain some insight.

    Because we grew up in the same area, I have many friends wanting to read my book.

    What a lucky encounter! I can’t wait to get the next book.


    LeAnn (nee Naley) Pottebaum
    Staples, MN class of 1970

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