Joy Garden

This is my Joy Garden

My middle name is Joy and joy has always been an important part of my life. Here is a poem that I wrote that expresses some of what it means and has meant to me yesterday, today and will tomorrow.


Now before my husband wakes up

Now before my hair has all turned gray

Now before the shine fades from my fashionable shoes

Now before my favored star flames out

Now before the pale man stumbles and falls

Now before the last of the fall snow is smothered by winter

Now before the smell of cinnamon disappears from the kitchen

Now before the pudgy hand becomes a man’s fist

Now before the floating feather falls to into the dust

Now before the organ’s note has dissolved

Now before your kiss has withered

Now before the echo in the canyon ceases its refrain

Now before my image recedes from the memories of those I love

Now let my spirit touch the souls of the many, before its’ joy has flickered out.


            Christine Joy Howard


1 thought on “About”

  1. Cathy Chatman said:

    Lovely. Thank you. Cathy Reisinger Chatman

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